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School Phone:

(985) 594 – 5886


ELA – Ms. Fussell:
Planning: 10:32 - 11:23
Classroom Syllabus
ELA, Speech – Mrs. Lirette:
Planning: 1:08 - 1:59
Classroom Syllabus
Math, Speech – Mrs. Martin:
Planning: 12:51 - 1:08
Classroom Syllabus

Social Studies, Speech
– Mrs. Deslatte:
Classroom Syllabus
Planning: 2:00 - 2:51
Science, Speech – Mrs. Price:
Planning: 2:52 - 3:43
Classroom Syllabus


* Emails will be answered as soon possible.* 

7th Grade Team

The Team:


Pamela Fussell - ELA:

Ms. Fussell

Dawn Lirette - ELA, Speech:

Mrs. Lirette

Lisa Martin - Math, Speech:Mrs. Martin

Danette Deslatte - Social Studies, Speech:

Rebecca Price - Science, Speech:

Week in Review
The Week in Review will give a preview of the upcoming week's lessons (keep in mind, they can be subject to change), 7th grade news, and MMS news.
The most recent newsletter will be at the top.
The newsletter is live and is updated at dismissal on Fridays. 


3rd 9 Weeks 


2nd 9 Weeks


1st 9 weeks