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4-H  Team Leaders


Email Notifications for 4-H

If you would like to receive email notifications and reminders, please email your name and your 4-Her's name to Michelle Domangue or SarinaLirette with the link above.


Sarina Lirette  985-665-9103


Welcome to a great new school year of 4-H!

We are looking forward to an amazing year filled with learning and fun!


Stay up-to-date and informed about Terrebonne 4-H:


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Next Meeting:


Task Point Program

The task point program gives every 4-Her an opportunity to receive an award at the end of the school year.  The tasks are not complicated or difficult.  The tasks are NOT required; however, we want to give every 4-Her an opportunity to shine and be recognized on award day in front of their family, friends, and fellow students.



20 task points = trophy

15 task points = medal

10 task points = certificate


How to earn task points?


Information will be provided on your monthly Montegut Middle 4-H Newsletter of upcoming task point program opportunities.  Every meeting attended is worth one task point so come to meetings.  Every parish event you participate in is worth one task point so become active.

Special and more involved tasks such as portfolios and project books are worth 5 task points because these activities are more intense and require all school year participation. 


A task point tracking form was provided in your 4-H folder to track your points.  Do NOT lose it.  You are responsible for tracking your activities and having your form initialed by Michelle Domangue, Sarina Lirette, or any other designated individual based upon the activity.


As always, if you have any questions regarding 4-H, please contact the school at 985-594-5886 or our Terrebonne Parish Agents at 985-873-6495.