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4-H  Team Leader

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Information will be coming soon.


Information will be coming soon.




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We are looking forward to an amazing year filled with learning and fun!

       Enrollment forms will be accepted from August 10th-September 1st. Officer applications are also being accepted from August 10th-September 1st. Enrollment forms and officer applications can be found in Room 101 on the 6th grade hall.  
       This year we will be using Google Classroom to distribute information and newsletters.  Please join the class using the code cnpxd5t. If you need help using Google Classroom, please email Jennifer Roy at

     You can stay up-to-date and informed about Terrebonne 4-H in the following ways:

  • Review this MMS 4-H website page.
  • Attend the monthly meetings.
  • Read your monthly newsletter.
  • Join the MMS 4-H Google Classroom (code cnpxd5t).
  • Check the 4-H bulletin board down from the office.

     As always, if you have any questions regarding 4-H, please contact the school at 985-594-5886 or our Terrebonne Parish Agents at 985-873-6495. You can also email Jennifer Roy at or stop by Ms. Roy's classroom in Room 101 at the end of the 6th grade hallway. 

Here are links to the LSU AgCenter Website, InstaGram Feed, and Facebook Page.

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Task PointS Program


The 4-H Task Points Program gives every 4-H member an opportunity to receive an award at the end of the school year.  The tasks are NOT required; however, 4-H members are encouraged to earn task points because we want to give every 4-H member an opportunity to shine and be recognized on awards day.

How can I earn task points?

Check the MMS 4-H Tasks Calendar for a list of activities that you can do each month to earn task points. Each activity listed on the calendar is worth 1 task point. In addition, you can earn task points for doing community service (2 hours of community service = 1 task point). More involved tasks such as portfolios and project books are worth 5 task points because these activities are more intense and require ongoing participation. 

How do I keep up with how many task points I have earned?

A Task Points Form was provided in your 4-H folder to track your points. Extra copies of the Task Points Form can be found in the hanging folders outside Room 101; in addition, you can find a copy of the Task Points Form in the MMS 4-H Google Classroom.  

You are responsible for tracking your activities. Each activity you list on your Task Points Form must be initialed by an adult. Completed Task Points Forms should be turned in to Ms. Roy in Room 101 by May 1st.

How many points do I need to get an award?

  • 10 task points = certificate
  • 25 task points = medal
  • 40 task points = trophy